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Job Support Provided On Java/Dotnet/SFDC/UI(Angular/Backbone/NodeJS, D3 JSExt JS / sailpoint/Splunk/Mule ESB/ServiceNow/Hybris/Python/Ruby ETC...
Job Support Provided On

Java,Dotnet,SFDC,UI,Angular,Backbone,NodeJS, D3 JSExt JS ,sailpoint,Splunk,Mule ESB,ServiceNow,Hybris,Python,Ruby ETC...

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

FACETS Online Training

Facets Training Course:

Facets Training solution is a healthcare IT platform with an integrated application called Facets Workflow that supports more efficient claims processing by routing claims and other tasks to the right person at the right time. By balancing workloads more effectively, the Facets Workflow solution helps increase processing speed & helps ensure that higher priority items are processed first, enabling payers to secure more discounts for prompt payment

Who can learn TriZetto Facets:
    Entry-Level Business Analysts
    Non IT Professionals aspiring to get into Business analysis/analyst
    Systems Analysts and programmers interested in expanding their role into the business area.

Basic Terminology of US Health Insurance:
    What is Health Insurance and why it is required?
    What is An HIPPA?
    Indemnity Plans _All plans -Facets Training
    Managed _Care ( HMO, PPO,POS)
    The COBRA
    Procedure codes
    Diagnosis codes,
    ICD10 examples wherever possible.

    FACETS Overview:
    What is Facets &Modules?
    Facets Versions
    Enhancements etc
    Opening &  Closing Facets
    Open _Facets (sign-in)
    Maximize  The Facets Windows
    Close Facets _Applications
    Close Out _Facets (sign-off)
    Changing Of Facets Password
    The Facets Navigation Window
    The Application Groups List Box
    Applications List- Box
    Open Forms List- Box
    Open/ Exit  Button
    Switch To-Button
    Close Form -Button
    Options in Menu – Facets Training
    Fields Types
    Free-Form- Field
    Drop-Down -Field
    Grid Table- Field
    Dialog -Box
    Pop-up Menu
    Sections List-Box
    Static -Area
    Grid & Text-Out Areas
    Facets _Messages
    Information _Messages -Facets Training
    Question _Messages?
    Warning _Messages
    Error /Critical Messages
    The Facets shortcut keys

    What are Extensions?
    Different Types of Extensions.
    Configuration of Extension
    The Facets Data Modules
    Accounting Applications Group
    Billing Of Applications Group
    Capitation & Risk Allocation Applications Group
    The Claims Processing Applications Group
    Criteria Maintenance Applications Group
    Customer Service Applications Group
    The Dental Plan Applications Group
    Dental Provider Agreement Through Applications Group
    The Medical Plan Applications Group
    Medical Provider Agreement Applications Group
    Pricing Profile Applications Group
    Provider Applications Group concepts -Facets Training
    Subscriber and Member Applications Group
    Utilization Management Applications Group.

1.    Topics and sessions may vary according to the audience requirements.
2.    Duration: 30 Sessions


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