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Job Support Provided On Java/Dotnet/SFDC/UI(Angular/Backbone/NodeJS, D3 JSExt JS / sailpoint/Splunk/Mule ESB/ServiceNow/Hybris/Python/Ruby ETC...
Job Support Provided On

Java,Dotnet,SFDC,UI,Angular,Backbone,NodeJS, D3 JSExt JS ,sailpoint,Splunk,Mule ESB,ServiceNow,Hybris,Python,Ruby ETC...

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Hybris Commerce Online Training

Hybris Commerce Online Training:
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Hybris Commerce Online Training Content:

 Hybris Commerce Accelerator 
Commerce Basics
Base Commerce
Base Store
Cart & Order
Order Process
Stock Level Management 

Product Management
Catalog, Categories, Products and Variants
Prices, Taxes and Discounts
Classification System
Product Cockpit
Content Management
Page Templates, Pages
Content Slots & Components
CMS Cockpit
Browsing & Navigation
Product Listing
Product Details 

Search & Navigation
Facet Search
ETL by means of Solr
Querying Solr
Solr Configurations
Order Process
Add to Cart
Checkout & Price, Discount, Tax Calculation
Inventory Check
Payment Architecture & Integration
Order Confirmation
Fraud Detection
Fulfillment & Warehouse Integration
Customer Service & CS Cockpit
Vouchers & Promotions
Single code and multi code vouchers
Voucher restrictions
Product level and order level promotions
Promotion restrictions
Advanced Personalization
Customer Segments
Rules & Actions
Accelerator Advaced Features
Guest Checkout
Buy Online Pickup in Store
SEO Support
Omni Commerce Connect

Accessible Resources
Customizing Commerce Web Services
OMS & Channels 

OnDemand & CIS
POC Development and Best practices


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